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Contents as well as download links:

  • Module 1 Principles of Water Resources Engineering
    • Lesson 1 Surface and Ground Water Resources, objectives [ Hydrologic cycle and its components ~ Distribution of earth's water resources ~ Distribution of fresh water on earth ~ Rainfall distribution in India ~ Major river basins of India ~ Land and water resources of India; water development potential ~ Need for development of water resources ]
    • Lesson 2 Concepts for Planning Water Resources Development, objectives [ Principle of planning for water resource projects ~ Planning for prioritizing water resource projects ~ Concept of basin - wise project development ~ Demand of water within a basin ~ Structural construction for water projects ~ Concept of inter - basin water transfer project ~ Tasks for planning a water resources project ]
    • Lesson 3 National Policy For Water Resources Development, objectives [ Appreciate the policy envisaged by the nation to develop water resources within the country ~ Conventional and non-conventional methods in planning water resources projects ~ Priorities in terms of allocation of water for various purposes ~ Planning strategies and alternatives that should be considered while developing a particular project ~ Management strategies for excess and deficit water imbalances ~ Guidelines for projects to supply water for drinking and irrigation ~ Participatory approach to water management ~ Importance of monitoring and maintaining water quality of surface and ground water sources. ~ Research and development which areas of water resources engineering need active ~ Agencies responsible for implementing water resources projects in our country ~ Constitutional provision guiding water resource development in the county ~ Agencies responsible for monitoring the water wealth of the country and plan scientific development based on the National Policy on water ]
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Course notes for lecture series .

"GIS in Hydrology and Water Management"

The following material is currently available:

(Please note, that for the current summer term 2008 some material will undergo minor (or major) updating. You can safely download all documents marked with , but those marked with will be released later.)

  • 1 Introduction to GIS PPT PDF
  • 2 Spatial information in hydrology and water management PPT PDF
  • 3-4 Data models and data structures PPT PDF
  • 5 Coordinate systems and map projections PPT PDF
  • 6 Analysis of spatial data PPT PDF
  • 7 GIS software and products PPT PDF
  • 8 Hydrological models and GIS PPT PDF
  • 9 Interpolation PPT PDF
  • 10 Digital elevation models and their aplication PPT PDF
  • 11 GIS support for modelling of surface runoff PPT PDF
  • 11a Case study: water balance model Danube PPT PDF
  • 12 GIS support for groundwater modelling PPT PDF
  • 13 GIS in water-related DSS PPT PDF
  • 13a GIS and the EU water framework directive PPT PDF

Bibliography in PDF format

Tutorial Introduction to ArcView 3 Data (ZIP)

Tutorial on Interpolation (PDF-Text) Data (ZIP)

Tutorial on DEM (PDF-Text) Data (ZIP)

How to use ArcView 3 on a terminal server in the BOKU NET

ArcView 3 Extensions used by the tutorials (install, if you have a local ArcView installation on your PC): Extensions (ZIP)

Table of content of the book "GIS in Hydrologie und Wasserwirtschaft" by Josef Fürst, which was published March 2004 by Wichmann Verlag, Heidelberg.

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